Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, 100% Pure Natural Medicinal Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, Traditional Chinese Herb

Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, 100% Pure Natural Medicinal Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, Traditional Chinese Herb

Main Features:
1. Antistress
2. Anti-radiation
3. Boost immune system
4. Nourishes the blood
5. Invigorates the spleen
6. Improve appetite and energy
7. Promotes production of body fluid

Product Details

Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, 100% Pure Natural Medicinal Pilose Asiabell Root Extract, Traditional Chinese Herb

  Product   Name:   Pilose Asiabell root extract

    Specification:    5:1, 10:1 etc.

    Appearance:      Yellow Brown Fine Powder

 Plant Part Used :  Root

  Test    Method:    TLC

   Latin     Name:    Changium smyrnioides Wolff

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Main Function

1. Pilose Asiabell root extract can affect the digestive system,  correct the pathological state of the gastrointestinal motility dysfunction;

2. Pilose Asiabell root extract can enhance the function of body immune and antibody producing cells, increaing antibody titers;

3. Pilose Asiabell root extract can enhance hemopoietic function so that red blood cell and hemoglobin cantent increased;

4. Pilose Asiabell root extract have anti-stress effect, which can improve the body’s resistance to harmful stimuli;

5. Pilose Asiabell root extract have well anti-shock effect, enhancing myocardial contractility and cardiac output.

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Applied in health product field

1. Codonopsis female honey is highly popular health food;

Applied in pharmaceutical field

2. As raw materials can be made into various forms of pharmaceutical products, there are capsule, oral liquid, tablet, etc;

Applied in cosmetic field

3. Codonopsis perfume, lotion, moisturizer and other come on the emerging market.

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