Kudzu Root Extract, High Quality Pure Natural Medicinal Kudzu Root Extract, Improve Immunity

Kudzu Root Extract, High Quality Pure Natural Medicinal Kudzu Root Extract, Improve Immunity

Main Features:
1.Firmer & larger breasts
2.Make your skin younger and firmer
3.Flourished and healthy skin cells
4.Stimulates blood flow
5.Enhances Memory
6.Can remove and reduce freckles

Product Details

Kudzu Root Extract, High Quality Pure Natural Medicinal Kudzu Root Extract, Improve Immunity

Product Name:   Kudzu root extract

  Specification :     40%, 80% Isoflavones  Puerarin
   Latin  name:    Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi
   CAS       No:       3681-99-0

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Main Function

1. Puerarin could dilate veins. increase blood flow in coronary, and its antithrombotic effect could
inhibit platelet aggregation. reduce blood viscosity and promote blood macro-cycle.
2.Puerarin could reduce oxygen consumption of myocardium. strengthen contraction of myocardium. and protecting myocardium cell.

3.Puerarin  could improve immunity and inhibit cancer cell development

4. Puerarin treating sudden deafness of each group of people in different ages.

5. Puerarin could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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