Bulk Chinese Wolfberry Powder, China Manufacturer Supply High Quality Wolfberry Extract For Vision

Bulk Chinese Wolfberry Powder, China Manufacturer Supply High Quality Wolfberry Extract For Vision

Main Features:
1. Good for vision
2. Anti-tumor
3. Anti-aging

Product Details

Bulk Chinese Wolfberry Powder, China Manufacturer Supply High Quality Wolfberry Extract 

For Vision

   Product       Name:              Chinese Wolfberry Powder

 Product  Ingredients:            Lycium barbarum polysaccharides

       Appearance:                    Brown yellow  powder

         Specification                  10:1 20:1

        Latin     Name:                Lycium barbarum L

           Packing                   20kg/barrel

       Shelf        Life:                  24 months

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 Main   Function 

Significantly promote the role of  hematopoietic function

Wolfberry extract has a significant role in promoting hematopoietic function in normal mice. (CFU-GM), to increase the number of granulocyte-monocyte colony-forming units (CFU-GM), to accelerate the differentiation of granulocyte-monocyte groups, to increase the proportion of granulocyte cells , To promote the proportion of erythrocyte tissue in peripheral blood network.

With hypolipidemic and anti-fatty liver effect

Lycium barbarum extract can reduce blood cholesterol in rats and significantly inhibit the increase in serum cholesterol in rabbits fed with cholesterol and animal oil. Long-term feeding of Chinese wolfberry water extract (0.5% and 1%) is given to CCl4 Of liver damage has a protective effect, can inhibit the CCl4-induced serum and liver lipid changes, reduce aspartate aminotransferase.

Anti-tumor effect

The extract of Lycium barbarum L. inhibited the carcinogen - induced mutations, and the inhibitory rates were 91.8% and 82.6%, respectively. The biological effects of Chinese wolfberry on cancer cells were observed by in vitro culture. It was proved that medlar had obvious inhibitory effect on human gastric adenocarcinoma and cervical cancer cells, and wolfberry combination radiotherapy had obvious synergistic effect.

Anti-aging effect

Modern aging theory that the process of aging caused by the degradation of immune function is mainly due to the growth of the thymus with age and atrophy, thymus is the main link of aging. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides in the body of the main choice in the human body with thymus T cells, Lycium barbarum polysaccharide can catch the number of mature cells increased, and enhance emptying function, so that the transfer of thymocytes to the periphery increased, can reverse the aging thymus Sex change. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide can also enhance bone marrow hematopoietic function, so medlar has anti-aging effect.



Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is an important active ingredient in the wolfberry extract. LBP has trace elements and amino acids and consists of six monosaccharides Ara, Clc, Gal, Man, Xyl and Rha. With enhanced immunity, anti-tumor, anti-thrombosis, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging effect.

 Why choose us? 

1.100% Natural.

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6.Leading Plant Extract Manufacturer in China.

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1. What's type about your company? Do you have factory?


As you can see on the internet, we are a big export plant extract company in Shaanxi province.

And we also have professional factory in Shaanxi province, welcome your visit and inquiry.


2. How about your product quality?


1. We abide by stringent standards to choose raw materials so as to ensure the quality of product.

2.  We strictly monitor the plant's environmental hygiene and every produce procedure to avoid the occurance of inferior products. 

3.  We regularly inspect products and improve our  equipment to perfect product.


We are a big company so it's impossible for us to damage our reputation just for the short-term interests.


3.  Can you supply free sample and any discount?


1. Of course, we can, but for the sake of cost, we can provide some free sample provided that the buyer pay for the freight.

2. We always offer a good price for our long-term customer and the customer who make a big order. 


If you have this cooperate willing, please don't hesitate to connact us.

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