Pea Fiber, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Pea Fiber, Best Price

Pea Fiber, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Pea Fiber, Best Price

Main Features:
1. Increase a sense of satiety
2. Reduce the absorption of adipose in food
3. Reduce the heat ratio of adipose in food
4. Control and reduce the total energy of food
5. Avoid the excessive heat energy
6. Control weight

Product Details

Pea Fiber, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Pea Fiber, Best Price

Product name: Pea fiber

 Specification: 60%

Particle  Size: 40 mesh, 80-100 mesh, 150 mesh 
Shelf         life: 1year

   Package:      20kg/bags

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Main Function

1) The property of swelling in water can help to increase the volume of chime, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract to wriggle, soften excrement, prevent constipation, promote defecation, increase the times of defecation, take cathartic effect, reduce the staying time of excrement in intestinal tract and the contact between the harmful substance in excrement and intestinal tract, maintain intestinal tract clean, and reduce & prevent gastrointestinal diseases.


2) Dietary fiber can restrain the absorption of cholesterol.


3) Dietary fiber can postpone and reduce the absorption of harmful substances including heavy metals and reduce & prevent the toxic effect of harmful chemicals.


4) Dietary fiber can improve the intestinal flora, maintain the microecological balance in the human body and improve the composition of some nutrients.

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1.Animal Feed -- Pea fiber is an excellent source of energy for the ruminant animals.

2.Pet food -- Pea fiber provides a pure and natural source of dietary fiber that promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria and regulates digestive passage. Also, due to pea fibers has exceptional water-binding capacity and low energy content, pea fibers are an excellent ingredient in low energy diets.

3.Food Industry -- Pea fiber is an exciting raw material. It is widely used in bakeries, in breads and low energy cookies production. Due to exceptional fiber profile it can be used as a healthy supplement in a various food products. The energy content is 46 kcal / 100g.  High water capacity gives final products long shelf time.

Why choose us?

1.100% Natural.

2.High quality with cometitive Manufacturer Direct price.

3.Free Sample Supply.

4.Small order is acceptable.

5.High purity and large production capacity

6.Leading Plant Extract Manufacturer in China.

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About Us


1. What's type about your company? Do you have factory?

As you can see on the internet, we are a big export plant extract company in Shaanxi province.

And we also have professional factory in Shaanxi province, welcome your visit and inquiry.


2. How about your product quality?

1. We abide by stringent standards to choose raw materials so as to ensure the quality of product.

2.  We strictly monitor the plant's environmental hygiene and every produce procedure to avoid the occurance of inferior products. 

3.  We regularly inspect products and improve our  equipment to perfect product.


We are a big company so it's impossible for us to damage our reputation just for the short-term interests.


3.  Can you supply free sample and any discount?

1. Of course, we can, but for the sake of cost, we can provide some free sample provided that the buyer pay for the freight.

2. We always offer a good price for our long-term customer and the customer who make a big order. 


If you have this cooperate willing, please don't hesitate to connact us.

Tel: 86-29-86517277 ; 86-13096987266

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If you are looking for best and pure medicinal pea fiber, china factory supply high quality pure natural green healthy pea fiber, best price capsules, pills, tablets, and suppliement from professional manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact us.


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