Apple Fiber, Professional Factory Supply Best Apple Fiber, High Quality Green Healthy Apple Fiber

Apple Fiber, Professional Factory Supply Best Apple Fiber, High Quality Green Healthy Apple Fiber

Main Features:
1. Ati-cancer
2. Protecting skin
3. Lowering cholesterol of the serum

Product Details

Apple Fiber, Professional Factory Supply Best Apple Fiber, High Quality Green Healthy Apple Fiber

Product name: Apple fiber

Specification: Specification: 60%

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Main Functions

1. Apple Fiber helps to promote normal bowel function and is considered an effective, mild colon cleanser.
2. Apple Fiber has the effect of binding certain antioxidant, disease-causing compounds in the colon and helping to speed their elimination from the body.
3. The high pectin content in Apple Fiber could significantly decrease the concentration of serum cholesterol levels.
4. Apple Fiber could tone the gastrointestinal system and stimulate healthy digestion.
5. Apple Fiber has long been used for the relief of the temporary discomforts of joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatism.  The Fiber is thought to help dissolve acid crystal deposits in joints and may also good for arthritis.

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 Product advantages

(1) Good fluidity and soluble in water.
(2) Long preservative time than fresh fruit.
(3) Easy for transportation due to powder form.
(4) Made from the seasonal fruit, ensure the freshness and nutrition.
(5) Microbiology control in line with national standards.
(6) Heavy metal control fulfill National Norms and Codes.


1. Applied in food field, it is mainly used as food additives for nutrient.

2. Applied in cosmetics, it is mainly used to whitening,anti-wrinkle and UV protection.

Why choose us?

1.100% Natural.

2.High quality with cometitive Manufacturer Direct price.

3.Free Sample Supply.

4.Small order is acceptable.

5.High purity and large production capacity

6.Leading Plant Extract Manufacturer in China.

Our Package


About Us


1. What's type about your company? Do you have factory?

As you can see on the internet, we are a big export plant extract company in Shaanxi province.

And we also have professional factory in Shaanxi province, welcome your visit and inquiry.


2. How about your product quality?

1. We abide by stringent standards to choose raw materials so as to ensure the quality of product.

2.  We strictly monitor the plant's environmental hygiene and every produce procedure to avoid the occurance of inferior products. 

3.  We regularly inspect products and improve our  equipment to perfect product.


We are a big company so it's impossible for us to damage our reputation just for the short-term interests.


3.  Can you supply free sample and any discount?

1. Of course, we can, but for the sake of cost, we can provide some free sample provided that the buyer pay for the freight.

2. We always offer a good price for our long-term customer and the customer who make a big order. 


If you have this cooperate willing, please don't hesitate to connact us.

Tel: 86-29-86517277 ; 86-13096987266

Fax: 86-29-86190972




If you are looking for best and pure medicinal apple fiber, professional factory supply best apple fiber, high quality green healthy apple fiber capsules, pills, tablets, and suppliement from professional manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact us.


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