Purple Cabbage Powder, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Vegetable Powder, Best Price

Purple Cabbage Powder, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Vegetable Powder, Best Price

Main Features:
1. Strengthen the spleen
2. Nourish kidney
3. Protect eyesight
4. Promote blood circulation
5. Treat body weakness
6. Treatment of constipation

Product Details

Purple Cabbage Powder, China Factory Supply High Quality Pure Natural Green Healthy Vegetable Powder, Best Price

Product Name :    Purple cabbage powder

Product DescriptionPurple cabbage powder protoplasmic after spray drying technology

Product Ingredients:   Purple cabbage powder protoplasmic. maltodextrin 

Appearance:                Purple powder

Packing:         20kg/barrel

Shelf Life:                    24 months


Latin Name:                  Brassica oleracea L.

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Main Function

Enhance human vitality

1. This vegetable also provides the human body with a number of important antioxidants: vitamin E and vitamin A precursor (beta-carrot), which protect the body from free radical damage and can help Cell renewal. It has the role of enhance human vitality.

Maintenance Skin

2. Cabbage is a kind of healthy vegetables. Purple cabbage is rich in sulfur, the main role of this element is insecticidal itching, for a variety of skin itching, eczema and other diseases have a certain effect, which often eat these vegetables for the maintenance of skin health is very useful.

Improve the function of stomach

3. Those who often eat cabbage vegetables, can easily meet the body's demand for cellulose. These vegetables contain a large number of cellulose, can enhance gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal peristalsis, and lower cholesterol levels. .

Loss weight

4. One of the elements of iron in purplr cabbage can increase the oxygen content of blood, help the body burn fat, which for the benefit of weight loss.

Prevent colds

5. Cabbage vegetables with the same drugs, can reduce the symptoms of joint pain, but also to prevent colds caused by sore throat. Therefore, in order to prevent a cold throat inflammation caused by the cold season in winter and spring season, it should always eat cabbage.

Supplement Nutrition

6. Purple cabbage contains contains a variety of nutrients, especially in the purple cabbage contains a variety of vitamins are very rich, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B.

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Consumer groups

1. Fast-paced office workers

2. The children of picky eaters

3. The elderly without teeth

4. The patient does not digest and other groups.


1. Porridge seasoning

2. In pharmaceutical field

4. In cosmetics field

7. In healthy product field

5. Children nutritional food supplement and so on

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